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C Series CNC lathes Xieshen


1, absorbing foreign advanced new design concept

2, the base bed 45 degrees overall casting structure more rigid inclined bed

3, the main parts are imported from Taiwan, Japan, higher accuracy and longer life

4, suitable for high hardness steel turning, turning eat knife quantity

Maximum turning diameterφ450mm
Maximum turning diameterφ380mm
X-axis travel (radius)400mm
Z-axis travel280mm
Saddle tilt45°
From the turret spindle center height50mm
Spindle nose-www.xpj8.comA2-4A2-5A2-6A2-8
Hydraulic chuck5″6″8″10″
Spindle apertureφ43mmφ56mmφ62mmΦ86mm
Copper rod canφ35mmφ45mmΦ51mmΦ71mm
Maximum spindle speed4000r/min4000r/min3500 r/min3000 r/min
Spindle motor power3.7KW5.5KW7.5KW11KW
Axial drive
X / Z-axis moving speed of the fastest25m/min
X / Z-axis servo motor power1.3KW
Line railTypesBall / roller (optional)
X axisMSR30X760 / MSA 35 X760(Optional) /  MSR35X760(Optional)
Z axisMSA 35 X760 / MSR35X760(Optional)
Screw-澳门新莆京95X axisR32X831
Z axisR32X663
RepeatabilityX axis±0.0025mm
Z axis±0.0025mm
Machine dimensions (LxWxH)1950mmX1520mmX1720mm
Total power8.0KW9.5KW11.5KW15.0KW
Machine weight-新葡京官网44732.3T2.4T2.5T2.7T

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